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Que Tran

Helping people build wealth through real estate is my mission as an investor-friendly Realtor. I pride myself on aiding investors in identifying and purchasing multi-family dwellings and single-family homes while providing a concierge service that includes the entire spectrum of property management as well as property sales in order to maintain a healthy investment portfolio.
Recognizing how challenging it can be to navigate this complicated process, I implement strategies to compete in a seller’s market and will structure offers that stand out. My genuine desire is to secure your success whether you are a new or seasoned investor.

I was initially exposed to the rental environment while growing up by my parents who owned several rentals. I later gravitated towards real estate when I worked with a mortgage broker after graduating, giving me my first taste of the back end of the industry. Taking up another mortgage banking job upon relocating to Scranton introduced me to my realtor-turned-friend who not only sold me my first home but also my first rental home. Having discovered the numerous opportunities that investing affords under her tutelage, and later taking on some classes, I was inspired to get my license and have never looked back since.

My value proposition is to leverage my vast knowledge and experience in order to bring value to the table through deals that my clients would otherwise have not considered. My unique approach involves listening and assessing their particular goals before embarking on setting expectations and communicating them in a clear manner. To me, it is not just about selling a building; it is about buying a lifestyle. I have learned to negotiate not only on terms but also the emotions of others ranging from the motivations behind selling to what their aspirations are. I believe that by being transparent about what is needed to be successful and by handling any issues/conflicts that may arise, I will have made a positive impact in the lives of those I serve. I am equally as passionate about giving my agents and staff a great environment to work in as they strive to take their careers to the next level both personally and professionally. This includes helping them through difficult deals by sharing insights and the resources they need to make progress. I have also partnered with several of them in launching their real estate investing professions, showing them the ropes of analyzing deals and guiding them on how to do it right. This way, the entire team is able to realize financial freedom as a family, carrying this forward to the clients we wholeheartedly serve.

Ultimately, I am able to investigate and talk through an aggressive offer thereby gathering information that facilitates informed offers. I am a member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), and PA Association of Notaries (PAN). My favorite pastimes include gardening, collecting unusual plants, and propagating fruit trees. I also enjoy a good cut-throat game of racquetball!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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